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The Lyon

The Lyon, in reference to the train station, Gare De Lyon, is the main building on the Big Rock Creek property. Experience the nostalgia on the 200-year-old timbers that were used to build the structure. Originally it was a traditional barn, one of the largest barns in western Wisconsin at the time it was built. The timbers are made up from old railroad ties and trestles, and they have stamps on them indicating where they came from. It is very apparent that the Siems brothers were a generation of engineering marvels! Today it is no longer a traditional barn but instead used for many events including weddings and wedding receptions, parties, festivals, gun clubs, retreats, and more. Nowadays, The Lyon has come to be the focal point for all Big Rock Creek visitors.

Weddings in The Lyon

The Lyon is more than your average venue, it is a massive canvas for you to paint the event of your dreams. This unique space can host events from 100 all the way up to 500 guests. It is heated and cooled so that your guests are comfortable no matter the time of year. We also hold our own liquor license so that you are not stuck trying to find bartenders and organize a bar. Also, no porta potties at The Lyon! We have beautifully finished men’s and women’s bathrooms along with a new bridal suite being renovated for 2022 weddings. We offer three packages; a simple Saturday package for wedding day only, a weekend package, and our most coveted exclusive package which provides you private access and accommodations for up to 24 people from Thursday through Sunday. 

A true hidden treasure of

The St. Croix Valley.

-Kelly visited 2019