of Big Rock Creek

Sometimes it's hard to believe the amount of History in our own back yard! Who knew that nestled just north of the beautiful little river town of St. Croix Falls laid one of the more historic pieces of property in Wisconsin? Purchased around 1914 by a group of businessmen (including the likes of Horace “Gokey” Thompson, Allan Siems and Claude Siems), Big Rock Creek Trout Farm held Trout Farm license #10 in the state of Wisconsin. The trout living in Big Rock Creek supply many of the streams that are so popular out west! How did they get there?


 In the early 1920's the Siems brothers were building what would become historic railroads with James J. Hill.  At that time, the Siems brothers bought out the rest of the owners of the property. This would mark the last time the property would change hands in almost 100 years! The Siems brothers’ stamps appear throughout the property. Experience the nostalgia on the 200-year-old stamped railroad timbers that were used to build the barn, or the dike and dam systems that follow the creek.  It is very apparent that the Siems brothers were a generation of engineering marvels!

Experience the history of relaxing on the massive wrap around porch of the clubhouse! The clubhouse is adorned with big game mounts from Africa... the story goes that the mounts were obtained on an African Safari by one of the Siems brothers on behalf of Mr. James J. Hill.

The cabin was built in the 1940’s as a gift to one of the Siems brothers’ daughters to keep her from moving west. The Cabin displays their vision to bring the West to Wisconsin!

Over the years, minor updates have been done to the property, but its' original old fashioned feel has been preserved as much as possible.

Imagine all the dignitaries that may have visited the property over the course of time! If these walls could talk, can you imagine the story they would tell?!