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The Miracle at Big Rock

Step on into Big Rock Creek and Experience the miracle of Christmas. Big Rock Creek is home to Miracle at Big Rock, the newest lighting festival to hit the St. Croix Valley.   Miracle at Big Rock is a gifted opportunity from our family to yours for you to step back in time and enjoy some Good Old Fashion Family Fun.

This Event Includes:

  • 1 mile long lighting tour

  • 12+ themes & activities

  • Heated indoor holiday vendors

  • Food trucks

  • Santa photos

  • Tents & s'mores

  • Sledding & sleigh rides

  • Fireworks

  • Crafted cocktails

  • Weekend surprises & pop-ups


Really loved how you felt like you were in the middle of nowhere but in a Christmas village!!

Will definitely be back - cannot wait to see this grow!!! - Shanna Neis

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