Don't Be That Guest...

Nothing drives a venue manager crazier or causes more headaches for couples than guests bringing their own alcohol to events. It is really one of the rudest things a guest can do.

The couple has spent hours and thousands of dollars to put this event together. They've spent hours looking over a list of their loved ones and friends to narrow that list down to those special people in their lives to invite. Each couple on a national average spends around $150/guest, and then some guests have the audacity to try to sneak their own alcoholic beverages into the reception because they are too cheap to pay $5 to buy a cocktail or $3 to buy a beer. Seriously!? These actions not only cost the couple money because they have a bar minimum to reach but could ultimately cost the venue their liquor license.

Not only is it super not classy to be "tailgating" the reception, but most venues charge couples a fee for each can of beer, cocktail, or wine found on the premises or brought into the venue. At one event venue, in particular, it is written in their contract that couples will be fined $10 for each container of alcohol found on the premises. During a wedding reception at this venue, 40 cans of beer were found in the parking lot in a cooler. These guests' actions cost the couple $400 in fines!

Don't be that guest that ruins the evening for the couple. Spend a few bucks to buy yourself a nice cocktail, enjoy a fantastic meal, dance a little, have a good time, and get home safely.

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